My experience of calorie counting vs intuitive eating

The ol’ calorie counting debate is a pretty controversial issue, and it’s easy to see why.  In an age where body image is seemingly everything, and eating disorders so common, it is understandable why calorie counting is so often viewed with pure negativity. Evidently, I always frowned upon it and simply thought of it as no way to live life. I still do think this to an extent, but here I am tracking calories. Why? Well let me tell you of my experience.

This time of year

Is it just me or this time of year a little crazy?!

Currently, I am prepping for my last ever Uni exams, have just moved house (for what feels like the millionth time) and now I have a dang cold.  So I definitely feel a little run off my feet at the moment but I guess that’s life for ya.

I think regardless of your occupation or lifestyle this time of year is just always busy! Am I right?!

Cookie Dough Balls

Let’s kick off with one of my all time favourite recipes. I love these because they’re easy, delicious and a perfect snack! To me they’re just a healthy version of cookie dough – who doesn’t love cookie dough?!

Now these are inspired by gimmesomeoven; make sure you check their awesome page out >>

I’m no expert…

My next piece for this blog was meant to be something of a much more innocent and uplifting manner but I figured what’s the point in me creating this space if I can’t talk about what I want.

What happened in Manchester today I think really was the last straw for me. So many terrorism events have occurred within recent times, however, none – even the closer to home Lindt Cafe incident – have really shook me as


Hello to everyone and thank you so damn much for reading my first ever blog post! Nervous does not even begin to explain how I feel about clicking publish on this little number but here goes nothing.

I am just going to begin with a little obligatory and boring spiel about myself and then get into why I’m here.